Ultraman R/B – 1


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USE THESE FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES! Support Tsuburaya by watching the Episode on their YouTube channel, and watch our release once the episode is down!

Three scripts available to choose from while watching:

  • 1. English (Default, GenmCorp style)
  • 2. Japanese (Modified JP Closed Captions, ED Lyrics included)
  • 3. CR English (Crunchyroll style, no OP/ED Lyrics, one font, honorifics)


7 Replies to “Ultraman R/B – 1”

  1. Wait, so Crunchyroll isn’t picking this up?
    I’m surprised.

  2. Script please…

  3. u need to use the raws for the show that are available……….no mcdonalds commercials

    1. You mean the 10 second sponsor bumpers at the beginning and end of the episode featuring the companies that help fund the existence of the show?

  4. not only that, but the hard coded subs at the beginning ….the 1.4gig webrip raw has none of these……..

  5. Do you have MEGA link fot this

  6. meteor-raws has the raw for #2……….along with the japanese captions

    give it a look………since r/b may not be on youtube anymore

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