Masked Rider KUUGA – 01

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Another unexpected project that rises to the release board. This manga comes in volumes with around 5 episodes (chapters) each. We’ll be releasing these episodes monthly (or apparently bi-weekly) with a volume release at the end (There are currently 7 volumes/31 episodes out and more coming along the way). Hope you guys enjoy this little thing we’re doing to pass the time!

The Team

  • Translator: revolutionpotato
  • Cleaning: Deltascourge
  • Typesetting: ExceedCharge and Deltascourge
  • Mascot: ゲンム (???)

6 Replies to “Masked Rider KUUGA – 01”

  1. Is this just the tv show in manga form or is it an original story?

  2. I'm just a passing-through kamen rider fan says: Reply

    hello. thank you for translating kamen rider kuuga. I hope you guys also translate kamen rider spirits and Shin kamen rider spirits.

  3. Well thank you for actually doing this, I couldn’t find any decent full raws for this one, also volume 8 should be out a few months fromm now

  4. say, do you think you can double check them, cause it seems some needed to be two-panel version like the color pages for this one.

  5. Hey, I’m with the group that did Kuuga (and is very very slowly redoing it in Blu Ray) and I’d like to tearfully thank you for this ;_;

  6. Ten-faced Demon says: Reply

    DDL link is down 🙁

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